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Broder Productions is a full-service production company based in Miami Beach tailored to the needs of advertising and editorial photo shoots. With more than 15 years of experience, we offer personalised services for high-end photographers and clientele in the industry, serving the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Pre-production is the key to a successful shoot and Broder Productions ensures that the utmost attention is paid to every detail in a professional and stylistic manner. Whether it is securing travel and customs clearance in Jamaica, creating and securing the ultimate street scene in Miami, or putting together local, enthusiastic crews in Mississippi, Broder Productions makes it all happen with keen advanced planning and dynamic execution. The end result is a worry-free environment conducive to artistic expression, allowing photographers and art directors to focus on the creative aspect of their work and ultimately the production of a world class product.

Jeff Broder

Originally from New Jersey Jeff maintains an aggressive attitude towards work, and thrives on any challenge placed in front of him.  Upon moving to Miami in 1998 he volunteered at one of the biggest production companies on Miami Beach.  He quickly proved his abilities and developed a great understanding about the process of a photo shoot.  In 2004 he started Broder Productions to focus on providing clients with individual personalized production support.  His hard work paid off and within months had gained clients that he still maintains today.  It has enabled him to take clients all around the Western Hemisphere to places like San Miguel de Allende, Rio de Janeiro, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica...to nationally like New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Savannah, Los Angeles and the list goes on.  His ability to adapt to any occasion or situation sets a calming tone for the production and clients appreciate that behavior.  His thorough resourcefulness has opened many opportunities for clients beyond what they ever expected.  This has enabled Broder Productions to maintain many clients for over 12 years when he branched out on his own.  When he is not on shoots, Jeff stresses about getting his kids ready for school and homework.


She brings 4 years of production experience after a working for a catalog company in Seattle.  In her 1.5 years at Broder Productions Vanessa has excelled in production with a level head and ambitious attitude.  Since joining she has helped coordinate shoots all over the country from New York, Palm Springs, Tulsa, Miami and even the Dominican Republic.  Her calm and serious attitude let clients know details are being handled professionally.  From small to large scale productions her energy is in full speed ready to take on any task.  When she is not prepping or working on a shoot you can find her at the gym focused on health and fitness.


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